Serving Tucson Metro
Region in Arizona

Serving Tucson Metro
Region in Arizona

Landscape Design Process and Scope

Initial Consultation: We will set up an initial appointment to meet with you and discuss your design needs and desires.  It is helpful if you have a list of the elements you would like incorporated into your landscape design and some images that provide us with information about your personal likes and dislikes.  In addition, it is helpful if you have a budget in mind that can help determine the breadth of your design needs.

The initial consultation appointment takes no more than an hour and is FREE!  The consultation is the basis for the second step in the design process.

The Contract and Fees: After the initial consultation we will send you a contract for design services that sets out the scope of the project and cost of our services for developing a Landscape Master Plan. The fee is based on the size of the project and your needs.

Site Inventory & Analysis: Once we receive a signed contract, we will visit your site again to measure, photograph, and notate the existing site conditions.  This process is the basis for developing a base map for your project.

Functional Diagram(s): The first step in the design process is to organize all the major spaces and elements within the design boundaries.  The functional diagram(s)  are created as rough drafts for client presentation.  Typically several functional diagrams are created as these diagrams explore different ways a space can be organized.

Second Meeting: We review the functional diagram(s) and discuss the ideas within each.  Based on your preferences, one functional diagram is selected as the basis for the next design step.  Sometimes a combination of ideas from the functional diagrams are utilized to move forward to the next design step.

The Preliminary Plan: This is your first complete picture of your landscape design.  The placement, size, form, and general materials selected will be noted on this plan.  Plants will be selected and plant “cut sheets” prepared for you to review.

Third Meeting: At the Preliminary Plan presentation we spend time reviewing all the elements incorporated into your landscape and how these elements relate to each other.  This is an important stage as the feedback we receive from you guides us to the development of your final plan.

Finalization of the Landscape Master Plan: Based on the feedback you provide us, we will make any changes requested and finalize the landscape master plan. The final product will be a landscape master plan that would be suitable for installation by a qualified licensed landscape contractor.


If needed, we will provide a digital or paper copy of your landscape master plan for submittal to your community’s Architectural Review Board. We will be happy to provide you with a list of licensed contractors who have the ability to install your landscape project.


Additional Services Available:

  1. Attendance and plan presentation at your Architectural Review Board meeting.
  2. Hand selection of plant material and/or selection of hardscape material.
  3. Flagging locations and/or placement of plant material on-site for installation.
  4. Locating and/or selecting any special features on-site (trellises, fountains,etc.)
  5. Meeting with the landscape contractor to clarify questions regarding the plans.
  6. Overseeing the entire installation process.
  7. Detailed designs for artistic and hardscape elements.
  8. Other post-design tasks that are defined between designer and client.

These tasks are billed at $45.00 an hour.

Design Process Example